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First Step Web Assessment (FSWA)

This service provides you with an initial assessment of your website to highlight its most pressing vulnerabilities.

It has been designed by our private-sector experienced security team in line with industry best practices and will be delivered by our Cyber PATH students under the supervision of our cyber technical team.

This service focuses on the reconnaissance stage for the site, which is the first stage an attacker would undertake to identify a vulnerable site. Through this stage, outdated components and sensitive data exposure can be identified, highlighting additional risks. The service also undertakes automated scans to identify vulnerabilities at a high overview level.

This service differs from our Web App Testing Service, which is a detailed assessment of the site following the OWASP methodology.

Following the assessment, you will be provided with a short non-technical report to show the risk to the site tested and the mitigations against the criteria of the FSWA. This report will allow you to consider the risk and facilitate further discussion with the site’s developer or IT/host provider to bolster your security further.