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The Cyber Resilience Centre for London is a police-led, not-for-profit organisation working in partnership with the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime. The CRC for London is part of a network of 9 Regional Centres across the country whose role is to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and third sector organisations reduce their vulnerability to cyber-crime.

We offer a range of services to London’s small business community to help demystify cyber resilience and provide access to emerging risk information that is relevant to smaller organisations, free guidance and affordable help to protect your organisation and its people online.

Cybercrime is fluid; it keeps changing and advancing as technology changes and advances. That is why we are bringing in the brightest and the best young people from academia to develop a second-to-none Talent Pipeline both for policing and the private sector.

In doing so, they are developing their own understanding of how smaller organisations operate, the pressures they face and what is required to build cyber resilience against threats specific to their locality. And, at the same time, each student is gaining the essential skills, knowledge and on-the-job training they need to succeed in the workplace. Overseen by some of the country’s most experienced cyber leaders, this means you access high calibre help at affordable rates too.

Testimonies and Quotes

  • Micro Sports Retail Business

    At the Cyber Resilience Centre for London we partner with the local police to visit businesses in the High Street, as we appreciate that it is difficult to close up shop for training opportunities, so we take our information directly to them!

    We aim to re-visit businesses quarterly throughout the year and one micro sports retailer we returned to had this to say...

    "Thanks for popping in again today.

    You asked if I'd implemented any of your fraud prevention measures from your previous visit, and I forgot to mention that I now use One Time Pass Code Verification when I want to update and/or manage my website. I like that extra layer of security, and am grateful to you for suggesting it."

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