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Bramfitt Technology Labs

Bramfitt holds space in the UK, European, Asian and US markets currently, supporting over 250 cyber security projects every year. They operate in a diverse range of industry sectors and work with small start ups through to enterprise level corporations. Their expertise and reputation has been formed from hundreds of cyber programmes supporting the improvement of cyber security defences for over 50 companies around the world.

Bramfitt are an accredited body of IASME and provide Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus support, consultancy, and certification to organisations all around the world.

Bramfitt is recognised for high quality services by CREST and is accredited for both Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment and Management services.
Bramfitt is also certified by ISO for 9001 (Quality Management) and 27001 (Information Security). This demonstrates confidence of a quality assurance culture within a cyber security organisation.

Bramfitt Solutions

Application Security

Application security is a set of skills and tools to make your application more secure by finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities – before the attackers can exploit them.

Nine out of ten web applications have security flaws that can be exploited by malicious hackers, and developers face a rapidly evolving threat landscape thanks to the constant discovery of new vulnerabilities and the development of AI hacking tools.

Infrastructure Security

Threat actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated and the consequences of unauthorised access or malicious attack more disruptive. If a crucial part of an organisation’s infrastructure is compromised it could halt operations, freeze assets and exploit customer and company data.

87% of compromises took minutes or less. Placing security best practice at the core of infrastructure to focus on risk mitigation will lower vector attack consequences by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities.

Secure DevOps

Efficient DevSecOps embeds automated security methodologies at the inception of an application to make it more robust and reliable. This built-in security function ensures that the best practice of discovery, remedy and prevention is an ongoing circular process for security posture.

71% of IT professionals feel that their teams currently lack adequate working knowledge of DevSecOps practices.

Cloud Security

The cloud is a dynamic convenience in a global, portable society where remote access is in demand. Whilst the cloud infrastructure and security perimeter differs from a traditional static and private network, the variables in accessing data and applications are far greater thus posing new threat vectors.

25% of organizations have cryptojacking activity within their environments.

Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a UK Government endorsed programme supporting businesses to improve their cyber security. The size of the organisation doesn’t matter, the scheme assists companies in protecting themselves in the evolving landscape of cyber attacks.

Cyber Essentials has been developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), providing a solution to improving cyber security for UK organisations of any size operating in any sector. From single-person companies to large international companies.

Cyber Essentials can improve cyber security and protect companies from the ever-growing threats of cybercriminals. Cyber Essentials is considered to be the first step in assuring a strengthened network for your company and protects you from 80% of the most common cyber security attacks. Cyber Essentials is a standard created by experienced experts to improve online security for the business sector.

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