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Why small businesses need to change their cyber security approach

CRC for London CEO Simon Newman was recently asked to write a paper for the Autumn/Fall 2023 edition of "Cyber Security" journal, produced by Henry Stewart Publications.

In this paper, Simon argues that we have what he describes as 'uninformed customers' who don't know where to go to get help, who to trust or what they need to keep themselves safe online. He also explores the real impact of cyber-crime and whether the strengthening of consumer protection legislation actually makes the problem worse where 'no blame reimbursement' encourages risk-taking. He concludes by discussing the need to shift away from the use of negative messaging to one where the benefits of cyber resilience are properly defined - shifting the debate from seeing cyber as a cost to one where it is an investment.

While Simon explores the subject in great depth and detail, it remains a really accessible and informative read so we'd recommend having a look if you're interested in understanding the wider context of the cyber security landscape that SMEs are currently navigating. 

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Written by:
Tierney Kimmins-McLoughlin
14 November 2023