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We Fight Fraud

We are not your traditional security company. Our unique team specialises in looking at your business through criminal eyes.  Our distinct approach to financial crime prevention makes our insights uniquely valuable to businesses of every size. It’s also why our work is trusted and valued by Police forces, Governments, and Universities from across the globe.

WFF offers a wide range of testing and training products and services designed to strengthen your organisation’s human firewall and arm your staff with the knowledge and tools needed to defend against criminal attacks.  

Our services include:

  •      VISA – We Fight Fraud's Virtual Info-Sec Academy learning platform
  •      Physical and digital vulnerability testing and training
  •      Bespoke staff training covering a wide range of subjects including phishing, invoice fraud, social engineering, ransomware, AML and compliance
  •      Tailored research into the subjects that matter
  •      And much more!

Learn about We Fight Fraud and the services we offer by visiting today.