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Cyber Essentials Partners - Policy Monitor

Nick Denning founded Policy Monitor to address the cyber security issues faced by SMEs. Nick and his team developed Cyber Security Policy Monitor (CSPM) to enable organisations to define a security policy, ensure compliance and respond effectively in the event of a cyber-attack.

Nick’s career includes serving as a Captain in the Royal Signals, a period with Logica and founding Strategic Thought Group which was floated on AIM in 2005. STG delivered technology consultancy and the enterprise risk management system Active Risk Manager. 

CSPM is a cost-effective cloud-based solution that guides organisations, unfamiliar with cyber security, to develop a security policy and the workflows that implement that policy.   Cyber Essentials (CE) and IASME templates are pre-loaded to help reference cyber security best practice, define and implement a security policy and monitor compliance needs to achieve certification.   

CSPM tells people when to take action, enables those who detect an incident to report it and for management to take action.  The solution ensures that once the effort of getting CE certification is complete, it is easy to maintain and prove compliance using an at a glance dashboard with full status overview and reports on tasks.  SME pricing means cost is not an obstacle to adoption.  

A list of services our organisation provides

  • A cloud-based cyber security workflow and compliance solution for SMEs
  • CSPM CE guides your organisation to Cyber Essentials certification 
  • CSPM IASME (Information Assurance for SMEs) includes pro-forma policies and processes to allow SMEs to quickly establish compliance with IASME Compliance, reducing the time and cost to achieve certification 
  • Vulnerability scanning